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Restaurant-brewery «Ungweise» – the only guesthouse, offering “tank” craft-beer under own trademark «Ungweiser». At call of beer gastronomes there are four basic guinesses: Pils, Hefeweizen, Red Ale and Stout. There are appearing season novelties regularly. «Ungweiser» is situated in central part of Uzhhorod, on the Kapushans’ka st. 20 (near the regional hospital). Double storey hall and comfortable terrace with original interior, elements of ethno-restaurants and european pubs. Solid tables and chairs, wooden beams-columns of standard irish pubs and straw canopies of ukrainian “hata” adorned with numerous flowers, functional fireplace and giant reservoirs of beer-brewery right in the hall – all of that has been united into one by «Ungweiser» – restaurant-brewery in Uzhhorod. “Live” beer – the main “ginger” of the pub – it’s the thing, what certainly must be tasted. 

Beer is one of the oldest drinks. So far in the III millenium BC about 15 sorts of beer have been brewed by Sumer (territory of modern Iraq, Syria and Turkey). Also, they had a patroness of brewing – Usinkasi, what means “the one, who made me drunk”. To her was dedicated the ancient poem “The Hymn of Usinkasi”, that was written in 1800 BC. The Sumer loved the beer so much, that theirs has appeared a saying “Not to know beer means not to know joy”. As it know, beer is being extracted from the grain raw material – malt, hop, ale yeast. Because of difficult chemical makeup beer corrupts too fast. Because of that, usual beer is being pasteurized with addition of preserving agents.  

Beer that is being produced without preserving agents called “live”. The main differences of “live” beer from usual are short term of storage, that is conditioned by absence of preserving agents, special taste and health benefit. 

Exactly that kind of beer is offered by «Ungweiser»:  

  • Ungweiser Pils;
  • Ungweiser Hefeweizen;
  • Ungweiser Red Ale;
  • Ungweiser Stout. 

We offer a great assortment of beer snacks and grill-menu. American pizza (the only in Uzhhorod) and european in 30 positions of menu. Live music from 20:30 on Saturdays. Football matches of championships are being translated on the wide sreeen.

Our adress: Uzhhorod, 20 Kapushans’ka st.

Our telephone number: +38 (050) 372-01-10. 

Working: Tu-Th: 10:00-24:00, Fr: 10:00-02:00, Sa.12:00-02:00